About ME

Hi my name is Maryann and I am 11, turning 12. My hobby is acting. I’ve been doing drama for nearly 6 years. My favourite colour is blue. In my family we have 5 members. My mum, dad, Anthony, Theresa and me.

In my school each student in Yr. 6 have a leadership role. I’m in a group called Social Justice. Social Justice is a group of 5 people because we have a lot of responsibilities. In my group we have five members Mietta, Alannah, Lily, Siobhan and lastly me. Right now our mission is to raise money for sand-shoes for Vietnam. Sand-shoes for Vietnam is when our school raises money for kids in Vietnam to have shoes.

Well I guess that is pretty much ‘About Me’. THANKS FOR READING!!!


Hi my name is Maryann. My passion is ACTING! When I grow up, I want to be an actor or a drama teacher.  My dream is to go up on stage and perform with my grandma.

I started to love acting when I was in Yr. 2 . My cousin’s friend went to a drama program. She then also started and after a week later, I started.

The Program is called ‘Helen O’ Grady’. Helen O’ Grady is a great program for young kids who would like to become an actor when they grow up. Helen O’ Grady also helps kids have more confident to stand up and talk to a crowd. It’s also a great program to make friends with kids from other schools.