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Hi my name is Maryann and I am 11, turning 12. My hobby is acting. I’ve been doing drama for nearly 6 years. My favourite colour is blue. In my family we have 5 members. My mum, dad, Anthony, Theresa and me.

In my school each student in Yr. 6 have a leadership role. I’m in a group called Social Justice. Social Justice is a group of 5 people because we have a lot of responsibilities. In my group we have five members Mietta, Alannah, Lily, Siobhan and lastly me. Right now our mission is to raise money for sand-shoes for Vietnam. Sand-shoes for Vietnam is when our school raises money for kids in Vietnam to have shoes.

Well I guess that is pretty much ‘About Me’. THANKS FOR READING!!!

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  1. To Mary, i loved reading your post. I love acting too. I hope you are having a fun time in the social justice group. I have five members of my family too. Do you know how much money you have raised for the sand shoes? Please keep posting interesting comments about yourself and others. Thanks Georgia!

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