Week 6- Stone Lion / My birthday

This week my class and the other class was reading a book called ‘The Stone Lion’. It was about this lonely lion who was cold hearted. He was cold hearted because he has never moved before, so all he thought about was himself and didn’t care if a little girl with a baby in her hand was cold and hungry. But one day, on a snowy day, the little girl came back with her little brothers in her hand. They were freezing, the baby was crying and she was broken. The Lion felt sad for them, he wanted to take them into the library to keep them warm but he couldn’t move. Then magically he moved, he stretched and roared. He leaped off where he was lying on and dragged the baby and the girl into the library. He then returned to where he was and then turned back into a statue. The following day bunch of people came and talked to him.

The story behind the story is that when you have a chance to help someone don’t waste it but use it, so if you help something great will happen to you.

Week 4 – Inquiry

This term 5/6’s have been focusing on our Inquiry unit, Energy. My energy topic is wind. Wind has been a great energy source for centuries even though wind was not used as electricity. wind was used for drying the clothes, windmills (that don’t generate electricity) grinding the grains and sailing ships.

I will learn more about wind power and share it more to everyone.





Italian Day

This week at my school, we had Italian Day. We ate Gelato, Pizza and soft serves. Soft serves had different toppings, there was sherbet, sprinkles and plain soft serve. The gelato was rainbow but i had pretty much chocolate gelato.  For pizza there was BBQ chicken, cheeses and combo, I had BBQ pizza. It was Great! I learnt that there was a game called triangle, that’s when you throw multiple balls at each other in a triangle.



Emmaus Production

On the 20th of July, Yr. 5 and 6’s went to an Emmaus Production. The production was ‘Beauty and the Beast’, it was amazing! Us girls were screaming inside out. For some of us, it was the first time seeing beauty and the Beast. My favourite character was Lumiere, (the candle stick guy) he was the funniest character through out the play.

Last year, Yr. 6’s also went to an Emmaus Production. Last year Emmaus’s production was ‘Anything Goes’. It took 9 months for them to rehearse, making the crops and do all that stuff. I learnt that you’ve got to work in a team to accomplish anything.



About Beauty and the beast


Beauty and the Beast is basically about this horrible prince who was a cold-hearted meany and one day a witch came to his castle and gave him a rose but he was a heartless prince so he sent her away but all of a sudden she transformed into a beautiful enchantress! She casted a spell on him, he turned into an ugly beast, the only way he could become a handsome prince again was until he learnt to love. He thought that was impossible because first he was scary and ugly and he has never fallen in love.

In small village close by there was a beautiful young maiden. The beautiful young maiden was very unique in a way, normally beautiful young maidens would be chasing after the coolest guy in town but she was very very different, she loved reading and she had no interest in anyone but someone was interest in her. his name was Gaston, he was the coolest guy in town but one problemb, he was too full of himself. He wanted to marry Belle but she wasn’t interested… To be Continue (Watch Beauty and the beast)




About ME

Hi my name is Maryann and I am 11, turning 12. My hobby is acting. I’ve been doing drama for nearly 6 years. My favourite colour is blue. In my family we have 5 members. My mum, dad, Anthony, Theresa and me.

In my school each student in Yr. 6 have a leadership role. I’m in a group called Social Justice. Social Justice is a group of 5 people because we have a lot of responsibilities. In my group we have five members Mietta, Alannah, Lily, Siobhan and lastly me. Right now our mission is to raise money for sand-shoes for Vietnam. Sand-shoes for Vietnam is when our school raises money for kids in Vietnam to have shoes.

Well I guess that is pretty much ‘About Me’. THANKS FOR READING!!!


Hi my name is Maryann. My passion is ACTING! When I grow up, I want to be an actor or a drama teacher.  My dream is to go up on stage and perform with my grandma.

I started to love acting when I was in Yr. 2 . My cousin’s friend went to a drama program. She then also started and after a week later, I started.

The Program is called ‘Helen O’ Grady’. Helen O’ Grady is a great program for young kids who would like to become an actor when they grow up. Helen O’ Grady also helps kids have more confident to stand up and talk to a crowd. It’s also a great program to make friends with kids from other schools.